The most important goal of the Comprehensive Plan is to protect and enhance the things in South Kingstown that make it a great place to live, both for today’s residents and future generations.

What does South Kingstown's Comprehensive Plan include?

South Kingstown's current Comprehensive Plan covers a broad range of topics in nine elements, as well as baseline information about current trends that affect the way our town may develop in the future. On top of data and background information the updated Plan will include the following elements:

  •          Land Use
  •          Housing
  •          Economic Development
  •          Natural & Cultural Resources
  •          Natural Hazards & Climate Change
  •          Energy
  •          Services & Facilities
  •          Open Space & Recreation
  •          Circulation
  •          University of Rhode Island
  •          Implementation

Other topics will be addressed within one or more of the above elements:

  •          Agriculture (Economic Development and Natural & Cultural Resources)
  •          Historic Resources (Natural & Cultural Resources)
  •          Water Supply (Natural & Cultural Resources and Services & Facilities)

What is South Kingstown's vision for the future?

Below is the Vision Statement from South Kingstown's current Comprehensive Plan. Does it resonate with you?

South Kingstown will continue to be a village-based, rural tradition residential community with three primary assets: involved and proactive citizens with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, a rich historic and prehistoric legacy, and abundant natural resources. The Town will endeavor to maintain a sustainable quality of life that limits growth based on the capacity of natural resources and public infrastructure. The Town will maintain its support of the economic engines of the community, including:, major employers such as the University of Rhode Island, South County Hospital, Schneider Electric/APC, as well as locally owned small businesses and other industries such as tourism and agriculture. The Town will embrace the needs of residents, students, and tourists in environmentally and culturally sensitive sustainable development. The Town will anticipate national, state and local fiscal constraints and will strive to maintain economic sustainability of local programs through innovative funding not solely dependent on the residential tax base. The Town recognizes the importance of protecting open space to maintain its natural and cultural resources, will encourage multimodal transportation alternatives to reduce dependence on the single occupant vehicle, will achieve excellence in the public schools, and will restrict development to appropriately scaled construction in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan. The Town recognizes the strength and importance of its residents and will consider quality of life issues in its decision-making processes. 

Why does South Kingstown need a new Comprehensive Plan?

Comprehensive planning in the State of Rhode Island is governed by Chapter 45-22.2 of the Rhode Island General Laws, entitled the “Rhode Island Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Act” (the Act).  South Kingstown’s current Plan was finalized in 2014 and is fully approved by the State of Rhode Island Division of Planning. However, recent changes to the Act require municipalities to address new issues including Natural Hazards & Climate Change and Energy.  This update will incorporate these topics, and is also an opportunity to make the Comprehensive Plan easier to read and navigate.


South kingstown's current comprehensive plan