We want to hear from you about how this project can improve quality of life for everyone in South Kingstown.  Here are some of the goals town staff have been pondering:

  • South Kingstown will be a place where people can live their entire lives!  Children born here should have the chance to grow up here, go to school, start a family, and retire here, without having to leave for communities that are more affordable or that have more types of homes that suit their needs.

  • South Kingstown will increase its housing stock (in number and diversity of type) to make the town generally more affordable and accessible.

  • South Kingstown will continue to have homes that keep young families with children in town.

  • South Kingstown will have housing, mixed-use, and commercial development that boosts tax revenues.

  • South Kingstown will have the types of housing needed to meet the needs of residents at every stage of life.

  • Housing options should be within reach for people making less than an upper-middle class income.

  • South Kingstown’s homes should be accessible, with a portion of new housing created with universal design principles and support for accessibility retrofits for existing homes.