WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO have a diversity of HOMES?

South Kingstown’s residents are a diverse group of people. We have old and young, small families, large families, and people who live alone. We have people who don’t want to or aren’t ready to buy a home and need homes to rent. We have wealthy people and families of modest means. We have young professionals not ready to settle down and elderly folks who need help day to day. We have hopeful young families looking to buy their first homes.

We also have a diversity of places.  South Kingstown prides itself on maintaining a distinction between our central villages, our farms and forests, and our coastal areas.

This diversity is at the core of what makes South Kingstown so special. A diverse group of residents and a diverse array of places require diverse choices for homes. The more we can support all these needs and preferences in our housing stock, the better we can sustain our vitality into the future.

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