Homes in the Village of West Kingston

Homes in the Village of West Kingston


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South Kingstown is embarking on a study of its regulations regarding housing. A public discussion is planned to begin in Spring 2019. Stay tuned!

What are the goals of this project?

  1. UNDERSTAND: Research demographics and development trends. What housing types are missing in our Town? What are the housing needs of our young adults? Of our retirees? What are the traditional design patterns of our historic homes? How can new housing types and improved housing design help support the Town’s long-standing vision of vibrant village centers surrounded by rural and coastal resources?

  2. ENVISION: The Town will share what we have learned in the UNDERSTAND phase with local residents and business owners. Based on our housing needs and our desire to strengthen our villages and protect our remaining natural resources, where does it make the most sense to build new housing? How can we leverage this development to improve the quality of life for everyone in town? What aspects of housing design are most important for making sure that new development blends in or even enhances our existing neighborhoods? What should be the roles for the public, the planning board, and other groups in the housing development process?

  3. INNOVATE: Finally, the project team will propose changes to local regulations, such as the zoning ordinance, to allow the type of development we want where we want it. Design guidelines or standards will also be developed.

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